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The Mud Finders would like to thank you for considering advertising with us.

Mud finder is a free mobile app already helping many thousands of riders, of any kind of off-road vehicle, find places to ride all over the US. We currently have over a thousand locations, and users continue to add more every week. The newest feature just implemented allows riders to search for services, such as gas, lodging, groceries, repairs, etc. in and around the place they are looking to go ride at.

Mud Finder has three sections for all of this info: locations, services, and events. Each section is set up as a list, and at the top of each list is a rotating ad. These ads are GPS based, meaning that a rider only sees the ads that are within fifty miles of the rider’s current location. We do offer other options. You can also place a “Nearby Services” ad. This ad is what the rider sees when they look at a location they want to go to and they click the button, Nearby Services.

As of now, riders can search for places to ride within a 500-mile radius, this is the default. They also can search by state. These locations can also be downloaded at the click of a button, so they can be seen even when offline. They can also search by criteria such as vehicle size, camping, etc. In the near future, riders will be able to plan their entire trip via the app. We will have map integration for the locations they are planning to visit. This is not a map of the trails; this is a map to assist in how to get to the location.

By now, we hope that you can see why many thousands of riders, using the Mud Finder app would be a group that you would want to advertise to.

We are looking for national vendors that want to reach many thousands of off-roaders across the US.  To be clear though we are looking for vendors that are off-road oriented.

Also, if you offer any service that could benefit riders such as food, lodging, repairs, or even firewood, you are going to want to make sure potential customers are aware of you. The Mud Finder app brings an extensive pool of these potential customers to you.

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We hope this information is helpful and we were able to answer your questions. If not, please feel free to contact us. If you would like to take advantage of this advertising opportunity, please contact us today.

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