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About Us

MudFinder Welcomes You

The Mud Finder team loves to talk about off-roading, but we don’t just talk about it, we live it. Our main objective is to get people off the couch, get out into nature, and to have fun with the whole family. That’s where the Mud Finder app comes in.

Our goal is to help our many thousands of riders find trails and places to ride, allowing them to meet like-minded people and to experience something new. We hear constantly from people using the Mud Finder app just how excited they are to find places they didn’t know existed, a short distance from where they live.

Finding a new trail is only the first step, and Mud Finder makes it easy to customize a riding experience even further with listings for services. These include everything from groceries to restaurants, vehicle repair to sourcing parts, campgrounds to hotels, and much more.

All of these listings can be downloaded so they can be used in places without cell reception. Just make sure offline maps are downloaded from a mapping app of choice. This is all free.

Organized off-road events can be another important part of a rider’s experience, and we have that covered too. There are hundreds of off-roading events all over the country, and the Mud Finder team is hard at work compiling an extensive list of these events.

Another feature we recently implemented is the ability for users to share information about group rides they are putting together. Again, all free.

All these listings are searchable, right in the app. If you want to know where you can ride your size vehicle and where to camp that night, you can search it. If there is an event at a certain time, you can search it. Everything is easy to find with Mud Finder’s intuitive interface.

We hope, if you’re looking to explore a little, you’ll give the free mobile app, Mud Finder, a try.

We look forward to seeing you on the trail!


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