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What is a CAST member?

What is C.A.S.T?

C.A.S.T is Collins ATV Sports Team.  This is a program put together to do one thing.  Promote a safe, fun, family oriented riding experience.

There are a lot of ways people get their ride on.  Some ride at home.  Others ride at small private locations.  The majority though go to one of the MANY public places in the US to ride.  There are hundreds of places of all sizes and types.  They support different kinds of vehicles and offer different types of terrain to ride on.

The C.A.S.T member now has a way to find these places and see reviews and even provide their own ratings.  This helps members find the place that fits their needs and makes them aware of new places that may be close by that they weren’t aware of.

Collins ATV Sports is trying to help encourage safe riding and a great experience for all family members by allowing for shared info between people on what is out there and current statuses.

Between our website and our Mud Finder app, you will be able to find the best type of parks for you and see which are closest to you.  You will even be able to find the ones farther away and be aware of the details before you go. 

Some like to just cruise the dirt trails and see the scenery.  Some like varied terrain with hills and mud.  Some like the steepest or deepest challenges.  The Mud Finder app can help you locate any of these. 

C.A.S.T Members get: 

  • Chance to earn free stuff 
  • discounts to events  

and more!

We will have challenges of all types on different occasions.  We may offer free gear to the next person to check-in and review at any location.  Or to the next person to register a new location.  There will be many opportunities to earn free stuff.  Need a new set of tires for your ATV.  Get our app as the opportunity to earn a new set isn’t far away. 

We are also working on a plan for those that check-in on a re-occurring basis providing current status of a location and the like to earn a special gift.

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